About Us

Geneva County Gas District operates a natural gas distribution system consisting of approximately 962 residential customers, 270 commercial customers, and 36 industrial and agricultural customers.  The annual volume of gas sold over the past three years has averaged 152 thousand MCF's.  The system consists of approximately 160 miles of pipe.  The approximate quantities of pipe existing are as follows:


                                 6-inch Steel                                                28 miles

                                 Over 2" thru 4" Steel                                102 miles

                                 2" or less Steel                                          10 miles

                                 Over 2" thru 4" Polyethylene                       8 miles

                                 2" or less Polyethylene                              12 miles

The system purchases its natural gas from Infinite Energy.  The distribution pipeline ties in to Florida Gas Transmission in Walton County, Florida on Cedar Log Lake Road.  The gas is transpsorted through 6-inch and 4-inch steel mains with a Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) of 300 pounds per square inch psi.   Supply pressures into the distribution system are typically 250-300 psi.  The Gate Station provides supplemental overpressure protection, metering, and odorization.

The majority of the customers of Geneva County Gas District are fed through a distribution system at either 20 psi or 25 psi. The normal operating pressure of the system feeding customers is 25 psi. The distribution system consistss of seven operating reulator stations, along with 7 rectifiers and 102 farm taps. The regulator stations are referred to as follows:

Hartford Regulator Station

Slocomb Regulator Station

Geneva Regulator Station

Eunola Regulator Station

Samson Regulator Station

Devco Regulator Station

Cedar Log Lake Regulator Station