Safety Tips


Natural gas has an odor similar to rotten eggs. If you think you smell gas, please call Geneva County Gas District at 334-684-2284. After hours or weekends call your local police or 911.

You are outside and small gas - call 334-684-2284 or 911


You are inside and smell gas - avoid operating anything electrical (Light switches, Fans, Phones, etc.)


- Evaculate building leaving doors open


- Call from outside or a neighbor's phone . . . NEVER from inside


- Call 334-684-2284 or 911

If you plan on digging or someone is digging for you, give 811 a call.  It's Free, It's Easy, and It's the Law.  One call gets all your utilities marked for you.  Safe Digging is Smart Digging.

Geneva County Gas District has had a good safety record.  Let's keep it that way.  We need feedback from you to fill gaps in our public awareness program.

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